Worn Out: Making Sure Carpets Will Last Against Foot Traffic

floor carpet

floor carpetNo matter how lush the carpet is when brand new, constant foot traffic will wear it out eventually and to be honest it’s normally just a question of how long it will take. So does that mean that you should stick to using hardwood in places where people walk through a lot? While that would solve the problem, it’s not strictly necessary.

Carpet can be sturdy enough to deserve a place in your hallways and stairs but you need to make sure that you pick carefully. With any luck you can choose a carpet that will look fantastic for years to come.

1. Check the PAR rating – First and foremost, the PAR rating is your best measure of how long your carpet can expect to last. The higher its number, the better it can stand up to repeated use. When shopping, make sure to ask merchants like the FLR Group what the ratings are for each of their products, or check the label to see if that information is present.

2. Pick a good material – The second biggest factor is the material that makes up your carpet. There are plenty of choices out there but not all of them are durable enough for your needs. A few examples of materials that would be good in high traffic areas include:

  • Nylon is the most widely used carpeting material and it is both highly resilient and easy to maintain. You can’t really go wrong with high quality nylon, so it is the “default” choice.
  • Olefin resists moisture and fading, though it isn’t quite as durable as nylon. It’s great if you have kids that might spill drinks onto the carpet.
  • Wool is a natural alternative to the above two options, and it’s exceedingly reliable. Be prepared to spend a bit more for this though.

Try to stay away from polyester; although it is quite stain resistant and has vibrant colours, it sheds easily and simply isn’t that resilient.

3. Pay attention to padding – Some homeowners make the mistake of brushing off padding, and skimp on it to save a few dollars. It might not be visible but it provides invaluable support and extra cushioning. Carpets with poor padding will show signs of wear and tear much quicker.

You should know enough by now to pick out a strong and durable carpet. Do not forget that maintenance will play a big part in how long your carpet will actually last so give it the care and attention it deserves.

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