Wisdom Tooth Extraction 101

You’re in your 20s and you already noticed that your wisdom teeth started to show. But recently, you’ve been feeling increasing pain where these teeth are growing. You wonder if a painkiller will help or you need an extraction. If you do go for extractions, perhaps you may need to start looking for a dentist who doesn’t only perform removals but also makes dentures in Tauranga, as well. After all, multiple wisdom teeth extractions often require the placement of immediate dentures.

But, when exactly do you need wisdom teeth removal? Here are some reasons dentist recommend the said procedure:

  • They’re coming out at the wrong angle. Your wisdom teeth may be growing towards your other teeth causing crooked teeth.
  • They’re impacted. This means your wisdom teeth are trapped in your gums or jawbone. They can cause a lot of pain as they try to come out.
  • There’s no space for them. Some adults experience pain as their wisdom teeth grow because their mouth does not have enough room for their last set of teeth.

Before and After Extraction

Before the extraction, keep a healthy diet and ask your dentist if there’s any medication you’ll need to take prior the procedure. These preparations can help quicken your healing process and reduce the pain after the procedure.

Once the removal is done, remember to apply ice packs to the side of your face where the extraction was performed. The ice helps stop the bleeding and control the pain. Don’t drink anything hot like soup, tea or coffee. Plus, avoid sipping from a straw as this can cause bleeding.

Not all wisdom teeth need to be extracted, so it’s best to have your dentist look at your teeth as soon as you feel pain in these teeth. Painkillers may help, but only temporarily. When it comes to your teeth, remember that there are no taking chances; see your dentist right away.