Why Your Teeth Look Dull

dull looking teeth

If your teeth are looking dull and discolored, you are probably wondering how they got in that state. While this may not be a sign of a serious medical condition, yellowing of teeth can shatter your confidence, making you feel self-conscious when flashing your smile. You might also feel embarrassed when talking to others or laughing in public.

Are you a heavy smoker?

Dentists on the Westside of Indy note that smoking over the years will cause your teeth to become yellow and stained. You may also have problems with bad breath.

If you can’t give up the habit, expect your teeth to appear dull, with an increased amount of plaque and tartar. This can then make you more susceptible to tooth decay and gum disease.

How’s your oral hygiene?

Yellowing of teeth can happen for some reasons. A habit of poor oral hygiene can contribute to the problem, especially if you only brush your teeth once a day.

Even if you brush twice a day, though, your choppers can still look dull if you brush less than two minutes or do it the wrong way. You need to brush and floss your teeth properly to remove plaque and bacteria.

Is it because you’re getting older?

As you grow old, your teeth’s enamel (the outermost layer) can fade and reveal the layer beneath it, which is the dentin. This is naturally yellow.

Softened enamel can also develop microscopic holes, which can attract food debris and stains. Note the everyday wear and tear on teeth can also damage the enamel.

What about your food and drink choices?

Certain food and beverages can contribute to the darkening of teeth. This is especially true of dark ones like coffee, tea, wine, cola, berries, and tomato-based sauces.

Sugary and acidic beverages like sports drinks and fruit juices also have the same effect. If you include these food or drink choices in your diet, you are most likely to have stained teeth.

The thing with tooth stains is that you cannot remove them by brushing alone. If your teeth are yellow or dull-looking, it is best to have them professionally whitened. A dentist-supervised treatment can make your teeth appear two to three shades whiter. This is more effective than relying on over-the-counter whitening products that could potentially hurt your teeth and gums.