Why Fast and Secure Internet Matters to Singaporean eCommerce Firms

ecommerceOnline retail in Singapore would only continue to grow in the next two years when sales are expected to reach $10 billion by then.

The country has the fastest internet in the world in 2017, but that doesn’t mean that all forms of connections are safe. While more Singaporeans love to shop online, security has become a concern especially for protecting consumer data.

A High-Tech Solution

Iridium satellite communications are among the best options for business internet users. Some of the benefits of using satellite internet include reliable connection all the time.

You won’t be experiencing problems associated with DSL or cable internet. Connectivity is particularly important during high-traffic periods, such as the approaching holiday season.

In terms of efficiency, the government has supported the initiative of improving delivery systems for businesses and consumers. The Federated Lockers and Collection Points Programme serves as an example, which is a last-mile delivery system to solve the problems of retailers with undelivered parcels.

Security Investments

Another reason to consider upgrading your digital connectivity involves protection from cyber-attacks. Singapore has launched the ASEAN Cyber Capacity Programme in 2016, although hackers have found new ways to infiltrate their target groups.

The government plans to invest $10 million in expanding the programme, following SingHealth’s data breach in July when hackers stole information from 1.5 million patients. If a large organisation has become susceptible to attacks, then smaller businesses are more likely to fall prey.

You don’t need to spend millions to improve your digital security, as better digital infrastructure systems are all it takes sometimes.

When choosing a satellite internet service provider, you should consider a company that can provide different solutions based on your needs. Competition among telecom companies in Singapore have become tight, so expect to see more attractive rates.