Why Bonded Lingual Retainers Are a Preferred Option

a woman at the dentist

If you have been wearing braces, you know the relief that comes when it’s time to remove them. While some people do not notice it, teeth tend to go back to their original position after the braces are taken off. By wearing retainers, you never have to experience that.

Why Retainers? How Do They Look?

You still need to wear retainers after removing your braces to hold the teeth in the “acquired” position. You can probably think of a retainer as a wire that goes over the back and front of your teeth to hold them in place. However, while you can opt for conventional retainers, you may consider going for a bonded lingual retainer, which uses a wire at the back of teeth.

What Makes Bonded Retainers a Primary Preference?

More and more people are opting for bonded lingual retainers because they are:


Unlike the removable retainer, one can hardly see this retainer due to its position behind the teeth. The wire stays in place with the help of a composite material that undergoes curing to create a strong adhesive between the retainer and the teeth.


Also, one does not have to keep placing and removing the retainer. Thus, it is an excellent option for people who tend to wear their orthodontic appliances for an extended time.

Easy to Maintain

Like any orthodontic appliance, you need to observe dental hygiene when wearing retainers. Not only is it good for your health, but it also ensures that your retainers will serve you for a long time. However, with bonded retainers, the maintenance requirements are minimal as compared to those of other orthodontic appliances.

Your choice of retainers depends on the condition of your teeth, budget, and preference. However, consult an orthodontist after removing your braces. Wearing the right retainers will correct the alignment of your teeth.