Why a Sewer Line Could Be Blocked

Sewer Line BlockagesThe dreaded “gulping” noise or sound from the drains could be an indication of a serious underlying plumbing problem, like a sewer blockage. Most homeowners find a blocked sewer the worst nightmare, especially if this causes whatever they’ve flushed down the toilet to come back up. However, sewer blockage diagnosis is not something that every homeowner can always do.

Sewer line blockage has different causes, and plumbers in Denver and other parts of Colorado list some of them:

Foreign objects

Sewer line blockage happens once you flush certain items down the toilet. Sewer lines can suffer from a blockage at any time and its consequences are sometimes crucial. While it’s true you do everything to maintain the sewer line flow, sewer backup may emerge when unexpected.

Grease, oil, cat litter, tampons, and baby diapers are some of the foreign objects that cause sewer line blockage. If these objects cause a backup in your toilet, the odor can be disgusting.

Grease lightning

When fats and grease go down the sink, backups emerge. Clog forms about 25 feet down the sewer line and hot water may or may not clear away them successfully. The grease starts to build-up and becomes the main cause of a backup problem. Most grease comes from cheeseburgers and bacon, cooking oil, butter and mayonnaise are silent contributors. Eggshells, orange peels, and coffee grinds that go down the sink drain could coagulate with the grease and make sewer blockage worse.


Tree roots are a great cause of sewer blockage in some homes. Big roots can easily find their way into the sewer pipes and cause blockages. They do so by forming root balls that sometimes chemicals can’t eliminate. Although some chemicals may remove the root balls in the sewer pipes, they may end up killing the plants. An ideal solution to this problem is planting trees away from the sewer line.

Any of the above is a probable cause of a blocked sewer line. If you are experiencing sewer line blockages at home, you should eliminate them early before they cause other distressing problems.