What to Expect When Taking Your CompTIA Exam

a woman scanning a book while using the computer

Now that you have decided to take a CompTIA certification test, you should know what to expect from this. As the G.I. Joe series puts it, knowing is half the battle. Here is some of what you can anticipate about the CompTIA certification exam that you are planning to take.

Subject Matter

Expect the test to cover a lot of topics related to the accreditation that you want to acquire. This would mean that you’d have to know a little bit of everything about your chosen specialization. You can prepare for this by getting a copy of the subject outline before you decide to study so that you can focus on what you need to prepare for and not waste time on other topics.

Duration and Score

The test will be 90 minutes, with a maximum of 90 questions. The passing grade varies depending on the certification. For example, in the case of the A+ certification exams, you will have to get 675 out of 900 on the first, and 700 out of 900 on the second. You’ll be able to see these details on the CompTIA website, and this information can help you pace and gauge yourself.

Test Types

You’ll encounter different kinds of questions in your CompTIA exam. Depending on the certification that you’re going for, the amount for each type will vary. The A+ exams, for example, have multiple questions, drag-and-drop questions, and performance-based problems. Using a practice test and getting used to hands-on studying can help you familiarize yourself with these parts of the exam.

Now that you know what to expect from the accreditation test, the next step is to study intensively for it. Simply knowing what’s going to happen will be useless if you’re not going to equip yourself to handle the exam itself. Remember that the knowledge that you will gain from your studies will not just stay in the test. You will need to use it when you go out and put it into practice after you complete your CompTIA certification.