What to Do When You Pick Up Your New Pooch

newly acquired French bulldog traveling in the car

Which dog breed best suits my lifestyle? Are purebreds better than crossbreeds? Should I adopt an adult Siberian Husky or buy some Pomsky puppies?

If you have already answered similar questions, then you are probably about to get yourself a dog. Unfortunately, the questions do not stop there. Do you already know what you can do right after picking up your pooch?

Stop by your vet

Visiting a veterinarian is the first order of the day. You would want to have your dog examined for any health issues, including birth defects, infectious diseases, and parasites, as soon as possible.

During this first visit, show your dog’s vaccination and deworming history, so your vet can come up with a vaccination schedule. You should also take the opportunity to ask all the questions you have about your dog.

Get some pet essentials

In case you have not gotten around to getting your supplies and accessories yet, make a stop at a pet store before heading home with your new dog. Your pet would need, at the bare minimum, a collar, leash, bed, food and water bowls, and food supplies.

You can likewise get your pooch a couple of toys and treats to make him more comfortable and some potty pads (for puppies) to facilitate his house-training.

Help your dog acclimate

When you finally get home, introduce your pet to his new environment. Let him roam – just be sure there are no choking hazards and toxic substances lying around. Observe where he seems most comfortable and set up his own personal space there.

Additionally, you can get your dog started on house-training right away by showing him where to do his business.

There are many other helpful suggestions on preparing for a dog’s arrival. Remember, however, that the most important thing is to make your pooch feel safe and comfortable with you right from the get-go.