Wearing Braces: Addressing Concerns About Pain

Lady with braces trying to bite a fruitPain is one of the many concerns of patients considering dental braces. Horror stories from former wearers about aches, sores, and eating problems can cause a lot more worry to those who badly need orthodontic treatment. If you’re considering getting braces, such fears and concerns may hold you back.

Sensations and Pressure

Pain, of course, is part of the treatment. The process of putting the braces does not hurt, but you may feel some pressure against your teeth after this. You may also experience sores on lips and gums, as the mouth is not accustomed to having metal brackets or plastic aligners. Dentists in Fredericksburg, VA note these side effects are not permanent and will subside after a few weeks.

Aligning of Teeth and Bite

Aches and discomforts are signs that your teeth are shifting in their proper position. You shouldn’t mind those horror stories, as braces are the most efficient way to straighten your smile. They will not just align your teeth and bite, but also improve your oral health. Another good news is, you will barely notice or be bothered by your braces after some months.

Dealing with Sores and Pains

Your orthodontist will also prescribe some painkillers to ease canker sores and discomforts. You can also rinse your mouth with a saltwater solution for soothing sores. Chewing and speaking may feel strange, but then again, it is just temporary. You will also need to cut your food into pieces and chew using your back teeth.

Listen to Your Dentist

Braces, especially traditional ones, always get a bad reputation. The truth is, however, they do nothing but align your teeth and bite. While there is the option of invisible brackets and aligners, not all patients are suitable with those. You need to listen and accept the type of braces that your orthodontist recommends. This is to have an effective and successful treatment.

If you honestly believe that you need an orthodontic treatment, visit your dentist. It is never advisable to try any type DIY braces you see online. Your dentist will address your concerns and advise you the treatment that is suitable for your situation and budget.