Unique Advice to Help You Prepare for and Pass the ACT

students taking their entrance exam

You can never take your SAT or ACT exam lightly if you want to continue your college education. After all, it is a requirement for entering any university or college in the US.

For those who do intend to take these tests, it will require a lot of preparation. Here are just a few eye-opening suggestions that you probably have not heard of before.

1. Take mock tests.

Quizzing yourself on what you’ve memorized actually helps your brain remember details more vividly. Take short quizzes after each review session. Ask a friend to give you brief Q&A’s.

If you want to take it a step further, Score At The Top Learning Centers & Schools suggests enrolling in ACT preparation courses so you can do trial exams in an atmosphere similar to the actual examination.

2. Refresh and rejuvenate.

Don’t skimp on sleep and your regular R&R if you want your brain to function properly. Pace your study and review time, inserting breaks and rests when needed. Most of all, avoid cramming since this will overload your mind.

Also, review a few hours before you sleep. What you’ve learned will be your last memory retained for the day and will, therefore, have a higher chance of being remembered.

3. Make it fun.

Learning need not be all serious and severe. Listen to music while you study. Tell your friends to come over and create a study group. But, try to avoid anything too distracting such as browsing through social media or chatting online with friends. Rule of thumb: know the difference between fun and diversions.

4. Improve your diet.

For sure that you’ve heard of how important protein, vitamins, and minerals are to your brain. Also, hydration is essential for your mind to function at its peak. Don’t miss out on meals no matter how busy you are. Avoid snacking on junk foods and sugary drinks.

There are tons more of tips for preparing properly for ACT or SAT exams. However, no matter how much you read them, they won’t matter if you don’t apply them.