Types of Unusual Teeth Problems

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Having an unusual or rare health condition does not mean that it cannot be treated or fixed. It means they are best arrested at a young age before they develop and infect a huge are of your mouth. All children should be screened at the age of seven, to detect any signs of current or future teeth issues.

Before heading to the dental office in Payson, here are unusual teeth problems you should know about.


This is a genetic condition that is extremely rare whereby the patient does not grow any teeth at all after losing the first set of their primary teeth.  It is known to affect the permanent teeth although in some cases it can affect the primary teeth. In some cases the condition is referred to as hypodontia whereby the patient is missing between one and six teeth, or oligodontia, meaning lack of more than six teeth.

Talon Cusps

This unusual problem presents itself as claw-like growth which crops up from the back of your child’s teeth. It usually happens on the front side of the mouth at the back of the canines or incisors. This problem results in other teeth complications such as irritation of the tongue, cheeks and the gum, malocclusion, crowding, and plaque accumulation.

Germinated teeth

Similar to teeth fusion, germinated teeth occur when a pair of teeth grow from a single tooth bud resulting in a disfigured extra-large tooth with double tooth pulp chambers but a single root. This condition results in problems such as tooth decay, malocclusion, and overcrowding of the teeth. Sometimes they are left to shed on their own, or a dental procedure such as extraction may be applied.

The above-listed conditions are abnormal and can lead to oral health deterioration in your child. Since they cannot be seen easily with the naked eye, regular visits to the dentist are highly recommended.

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