Why the Two-Way Radio Remains Relevant

portable radio

portable radioIn a world full of smartphones and tablets, why would anyone use anything else to talk? It may be confusing to find people still using portable radio snow, but as it turns out, the eight-decade-old technology still has some advantages over the latest phone models.

The redeeming feature of two-way radios is the simplicity of their design. Engineers envisioned just one purpose for this portable radio, and designed every piece of it to reach that objective. That goal is communication. It has no apps, cameras, screens, or anything that might deter the tool from doing its job.

Quick Voices

Smartphones do the same thing though, don’t they? Not exactly, phones make calls, which isn’t the same thing as what two-way radios do. When someone wants to contact a friend on a phone, they have to dial a number, wait for the signal to make contact, and then wait again for that friend to answer.

With a two-way radio, a person just needs to push a button and talk. There’s no waiting involved whatsoever, and the users can be sure the person on the other end got the message. The immediacy of voice is perfect for delivering short messages in emergencies and other scenarios that require coordination.

Secure Line

Another advantage that the two-way radio offers is that it’s set to talk to only a fixed number of people. People don’t have to worry about privacy issues. Imagine a world without telemarketers or even junk ads,; just get a two-way radio and that world can be a reality.

Two-way radios have a huge following in different fields like law enforcement, construction, and planning. The two-way radio is a tool best used for business operations and is impractical for personal use. But, it’s much better than phones in the things they were designed to do.

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