Troubleshooting Guide – Tips for Teeth Straightening Blues

a woman about to get dental bracesA good dentist will tell their patient that the best way to approach any dental treatment is with a positive outlook and anticipation about the end results. This is especially true of a long-term experience like having braces in Glasgow.

However, sometimes there can be a specific reason why someone is not having a great time with their braces in Glasgow. That’s why this troubleshooting guide was created to address some of the common issues that people face when trying to live a normal life while having their teeth straightened. In many cases, there is a simple solution and dentists, such as those at Park Orthodontics, can also help with braces in Glasgow.

When someone can’t play an instrument/sport that they enjoy

When it comes to sports and instruments that are played with the mouth, dental wax and mouth guards are friends to someone who is wearing braces. The former can be placed over the top of brackets and wires to protect them while the latter can be custom-made to accommodate braces. Both of these solutions should help to prevent soreness, bleeding or damage.

When someone can’t eat a favourite food

It is true that there are some foods that are best avoided when wearing braces so what can someone do if their favourite food is on the prohibited list?

Maybe they can cut the food into very small pieces so that they can chew it with their back teeth and avoid their braces altogether.

If it is a favourite crunchy or chewy sweet, perhaps they can blend it up in a milkshake or suck on it slowly to get some experience of the flavour.

There is usually a way round as long as they take every care to prevent damage to their equipment. A thorough brushing after any food is eaten is also recommended.

When someone can’t kiss?

It is not true that kissing is off the menu when someone has braces. They may wish to avoid it straight after an adjustment appointment when they might be feeling a little uncomfortable but, at other times, it is still possible.