To Buy or To Rent a Vintage Car for Your Dream Road Trip?

group of friend on a rad trip riding a vintage pick up truck

Imagine taking the ride of your life through a self-driving tour. Now imagine that same tour, but you’re riding a classic car. Utah is the perfect place for such a journey, and since you already live here, you need the car to make the dreamy trip possible.

How do you get a classic car in Utah? Let these steps help you:

Check Out Car Lots

The first place to see if you want a car is, of course, a dealership. For those with a specific model in mind, or if you are into classic cars and not just any other car, you’ll want a dealership that specializes in these. Spend some time around a classic car lot like Ardell Brown‘s and look for the one vehicle that calls to you.

It could be the vintage vehicle you’ve been dreaming of for so long, or it could be a model you have not considered before because of its price. If you can afford it with financing, what’s stopping you?

Rent a Vehicle

Buying a car of your own is made easy by auto financing options, but if you’re not ready to commit just yet, think about renting. This is good if you’re looking to make that trip of a lifetime once and never again. It’s just like ticking a box off your bucket list. Unlike owners who see the value in cars and want to keep them in the garage, your focus is more on the journey and getting there in style. While you have the rented car, make the most of it by taking scenic photos of your trip and everything else along the way.

Some look forward to owning a vintage, while others are content with the idea of driving it around once. Whichever kind of person you are, make the time with the car count and make good memories.