Three Things That Are Causing Your Skin To Age

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Aging is an unavoidable natural process. Everyone will go through this process, but the difference lies in how you age gracefully. There are people who look younger than their age, and there are those who look more mature than real age. Several factors speed up the aging process and make people look older than they are. These factors include an unhealthy lifestyle, inaction, and stress, among others.

Some people swear by cosmetic procedures to combat the signs of aging. Going to a medspa in Utah is one way to try various skin treatments such as acne therapy, laser procedures, and Botox injections. These treatments can improve an individual’s appearance.

Here is a list of three factors that are affecting your skin’s elasticity:

Sun exposure

The sun’s rays can relax your mind and make you feel good. But it’s not all sunshine for its negative effect on the skin. Frequent sun exposure is a major factor that can affect the condition of the skin. Even at an early age, your skin can become fragile, especially when you spend a lot of time under the sun.

The more time you spend under the sun, the earlier your fine lines and wrinkles will appear. Being exposed to unfiltered sun rays can cause age spots, sagging skin, and a reduction in skin elasticity. This is due to the UV light’s effect on the fibers in the skin. Once the UV light damages your skin’s elastin, the fibers break down and your skin loses the ability to heal itself.


Smoking causes premature wrinkles to appear above your upper lip and on the sides of your eyes where the skin is very thin and fragile. In fact, smokers can see fine lines appearing on their face 15 years earlier than non-smokers. Smoking reduces the level of vitamin C in the blood, which is a key component in collagen production. When you have a low vitamin C level, your skin is unable to limit the damage caused by UV light exposure.

Smoking also impairs the nutritional blood flow to your skin. This reduction in blood flow results in less oxygen and vitamin A reaching your skin.

A diet rich in carbohydrates

Ingesting simple carbohydrates causes your insulin levels to spike, which can then lead to an inflammation throughout the body. This inflammation produces enzymes that affect your skin’s natural elasticity. To achieve freshness, limit your intake of simple sugars and sweets, and increase your consumption of complete protein.

Genetics aside, several factors can affect your aging. But not as much as developed and unhealthy habits. Kicking these aging causes will be a great advantage to your desire to look younger for longer.

About the author

Joseph Francis

is a Denver-based fitness instructor with a background in physical therapy. He is also a triathlete on the side and has joined local sporting events.