The (Cool) Office: Guide to Decorating Your Workplace

Neat and organized office

A beautiful office is something that many business owners and employees aspire to have. Not only does it look cool and Instagram-worthy; it also makes everyone at work proud of the company.

Decorating the office, however, sometimes falls at the bottom of the priority list. But in reality, it should become a priority. Having a beautiful office is not just about making it appealing. It is also about improving the morale of your employees. It is about inspiring them, which in turn improves productivity. All these mean good things for the business.

But decorating your office will not come easy, as there are also logistical requirements. Nevertheless, it will be fun. Whether you are occupying a subleased office space in Chicago or a cozy loft in New York, Legal-Lease has some tips for you.

Identify the zones

You must first identify the zones in your office before decorating. The zones will do many improvements to your office’s foot traffic. Determine which spaces are meant for work and which are meant for play. Doing this will also provide options and comforts for people who have specific work spots.

Keep the brand in mind

When setting up decoration, make sure it is in line with your brand. Use only the colors and typefaces specified in your brand book. You may also base the entire design theme on your brand’s core values.

Add more facilities

Decorations are not just the things you see on the wall. It is also about function and fun. With that, you may want to add some amenities, such as foosball, a gaming room, a communal area, or sleeping quarters. Your employees will love you for these!

These are just some of the things to keep in mind if you are planning to improve the look and function of your office. Work with a reliable interior designer and a contractor to turn your vision into reality.