The Common Mistakes in Running Air Conditioning Systems

HVAC heating and air conditioning units

Machines require maintenance. When you forget this bit of information, you’ll find problems with your equipment soon enough. Neglect of the system, particularly HVAC, becomes apparent in the long run.

HVAC systems have improved over the years, with automated systems enabling efficiency. For example, the installation of an Optivent ensures continual removal of air. explains that air and dirt separators ensure the optimal performance of heating and cooling systems. But common mistakes still occur, creating maintenance problems.

Here are some of those missteps.

Forgetting to Contact an HVAC Professional

While building technicians can routinely check the air conditioning system, that is basically the limit to what they can contribute. There will come a time, like when a building undergoes restructuring or extension, that the AC system will require a check, too. When that happens, contacting an HVAC professional is essential to, ensuring the system runs, as it should.

Letting the AC run 24/7

While it is true that industrial air conditioning is for heavy-duty use, it is not an excuse to leave it on all day. Turning off the air conditioning for an hour or two will reduce the danger of system failure. Installing a buffer tank can also help, if the demand for continuous air conditioning calls for it.

Energy Costs

Another common mistake about air conditioning systems has to do with setting the temperature. While temperature is something that most people won’t consider important in terms of cost efficiency, turning it down (or up, depending on the season) can actually be beneficial for Australian businesses.

Tony Crabb, national head of research of Savills, found that setting the temperature to no higher than 19 degrees in the winter and no lower than 25 degrees in the summer can save Australian businesses $100 million and 300,000 tonnes of carbon emissions yearly.

A change in attitude is all that’s really needed to ensure the upkeep of your AC system. Something as simple as turning the temperature up or down, along with remembering that your machinery requires maintenance, can go a long way in keeping your HVAC up and running for a long time.