The 3 Best IT Courses in Singapore for 2018

IT students in computer lab

The best reason to enroll in IT courses in Singapore is to get a good job with high pay. However, not all IT courses will give you the best advantages in the job market. Some skills are simply more in demand in other parts of the world.

The top 3 IT courses you should consider taking are software development, user experience design, and data science. Below you will find the number of projected jobs, pay scale, and tasks.

Software developer

A software developer or engineer is much in demand. In Singapore alone, there are more than 1,700 job openings. The average pay is S$49,641. However, companies such as Google and Cisco pay more than double that.

Once you complete a course in software development, you should be able to write, test, and revise software applications. You should also be able to debug programs. In most cases, you will work with a team of programmers and designers.

UX designer

Many companies today realise the value of a well-designed website. About 100 job openings from well-known companies in Singapore are waiting for people knowledgeable in user experience (UX) design. It is not as much in demand as a software engineer. However, the average pay is better at S$53,874.

Once you complete a course in UX design, you should be able to design attractive and functional websites. You should also be able to test your designs to improve the UX.

Data scientist

About 450 jobs are open in Singapore for data scientists. The average pay is S$67,113, better than for either a software engineer or UX designer.

Most people think that a data scientist is the same as a data analyst. However, a data scientist does not only know crunch data. They will use Big Data to find solutions to a problem.

Once you complete a course, you should have advanced analytical skills. You should be able to translate complex data into an action plan.

IT is a field currently with a lot of promise. There are many types of IT courses you can choose from. Among them, software development, UX design, and data science are the most in demand with the best salaries.

If you choose to take an IT course in Singapore, choose one of the top three specialisations for the most rewarding career in both advancement and compensation.