Size Options for Manual Tile Cutter Scoring Wheels

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There are various parts that work together in your tile cutter. One of these is its scoring wheel. A scoring wheel is used to score your tile before cutting to ensure you get a precise cut. Their sizes differentiate scoring wheels.

Since they are among the most frequently used parts of your tile cutter, you might need to replace them more regularly compared with other components. An ideal scoring wheel replacement involves much more than walking to a tile cutter parts store and picking the best-looking one available.

You should ensure you select the right wheel size for your tile cutter and the type of tile you are cutting. The following guidelines will help you make an informed choice.

6mm Wheels

These wheels are ideal for cutting glazed and ceramic tiles. 6mm scoring wheels generate a shallow scoring line on the tiles. This is because deep scoring lines on these tiles will create crack marks and increase the risk of your tile chipping along the line.

8mm Wheels

These wheels have a narrower blade compared with the 6mm wheels. They hence give you a deep cut and allow you to get a good score line in one go. 8mm scoring wheels are used for cutting floor and porcelain tiles.

10mm Wheels

These wheels are wider than other options, except the 18mm ones. They are generally used for ceramic stoneware tiles, which are more textured and less delicate compared with other tiles. 10mm wheels have a shallow but slightly wide cut and can hence snap strong tiles.

To maintain the optimal performance of your scoring wheel, it is best to clean it after your day’s work. This eliminates enamel and residue, which routinely gets stuck on the scoring wheel and axis. You can clean the wheel by dipping it in lubricating oil, and then giving it a quick wipe.