Singapore: An Exotic and Modern Travel Spot

things to do in Singapore

If you are looking for a great vacation spot that has all the luxuries of a modern city, the beauty of nature, and a cultural melting pot, you do not have to go far or move out of your comfort zone. If you want an exotic but modern travelling experience, then Singapore is the place to go.

You can explore this South East Asian city-state and indulge in the diverse cultures, cuisines, and attractions found here. With all the modern sites and resorts, you won’t have feel you are out of your comfort zone.

Why Visit Singapore?

Singapore’s unique history has made its cuisine singular in the region. The country’s unique dishes include Malaysian favorites, Indian favorites, and Chinese regional dishes such as Hainanese chicken rice and Teochew Char Kwayteow. Visit the country in July to experience its cuisine in the Singapore Food Festival.

For those who love the arts, the Singapore Art Week in January allows visitors to enjoy a series of exhibits and installations that explore the country’s growing art community. The local theaters and museums have shows and exhibits that celebrate music, dance, and art.

Singapore’s nightlife also rivals that of New York and LA. There is Marina Bay, Clarke Quay, Bugis and Kampung Glam where you could find restaurants, bars, and cafes for music, drinks, and fun company.

A Fun and Relaxing Vacation Spot

Not only does Singapore offer these tourist destinations, but it also gives the traveler a unique peek at a country where East and West unite for a great experience.

Whether it is for the food, culture and arts, or for the nightlife, Singapore will have something for the experienced traveler. So the next time you are in South East Asia, make sure to visit this little red but mighty dot in the region.