Simple Troubleshooting Tips for Video Conferences

Video ConferenceFor some people, video conferencing is just a way to connect with overseas bosses. While for others, it’s a means to meet with a new client. Nonetheless, both are equally important when conducting business. That’s why setting it up, from equipment to software, is best left to the professionals.

One of those video conferencing providers is, which provides full-on video conferencing service. To people who have limited knowledge about computers, these guys are basically lifesavers. But, after they’ve gone and installed the system, their support staff can only support you through the phone. What if you’re in the middle of a conference when it happens?

1. Drops

If there is anything likely to ruin a video conference, it’s inconsistent Internet connection. Moreover, drops usually happen at the most inopportune times. So what do you do when you’re face to face with your boss when the connection decides to act up? Simple things such as shutting other devices that eat the bandwidth and reconfiguring the router help keep the speed up.

2. Dialing Screens, No Display

When the dial screen shows up but doesn’t display when the call connects, there is a problem with the firewall from either parties. You can try dialing some test numbers to see if you or the guys on the other side have the problem. You can also ask an IT professional with an MCU expertise to come look at your equipment.

3. AV Resynchronization

It might not be as big a problem as network or hardware failure, but unsynchronized audio/video can ruin a routine conference. It can be solved by buying new equipment. If you have upgraded everything but your infrastructure, there is the possibility of your old tools not using all your new stuff accordingly.

4. Framerate Lag

Sometimes, some obscure things that you can’t find easily ruin the video conference. Internet is good, mikes and computers are all green, but the framerate is lagging. The easiest, and best, solution is to get H.323 with multipoint capabilities. At the very least, it should support a high-definition conference of four parties.

The worst thing you can do is panic in such a situation. Composure is needed to deal with technical problems. It will help you solve the problem quicker and show your boss how you deal with stressful circumstances.

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