Signs You Shouldn’t Let your Elderly Live Alone

Elderly woman's hands

Elderly woman's handsAccording to a census data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, about one in ten Australians live independently. These include the ageing population who decided to live alone after the death of their spouse. While this kind of lifestyle gives freedom to your loved one, it can’t guarantee their safety and security. This is why you need to know if it’s time for them to have some company.

Personal Hygiene

By observing how your loved one looks, you can tell immediately if they need help. Messy hair, long nails, and body odour are only some of the signs that you need to call for home nursing services for assistance. Many elderlies don’t have the strength to perform normal tasks anymore, so they tend to ignore even those that promote proper hygiene.

Safety Concerns

Even if your loved one is fit and healthy, you shouldn’t be overconfident about their condition. Elderly are at higher risk for fractures from trips, slips, and falls due to the progressive loss of their bone mass. They might not have the ability to stand up and call for help, either. Inspect the house and see if there are rooms that they rarely visit, as this can tell you they’re having difficulties moving around.

Loss of Memory

Mental illnesses, like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, are probably among the worst conditions you have to handle. While memory loss is common among the elderly, such illnesses can do more damage to the brain. Track the appointments of your loved one to see if they’re still following them. Take them for a short drive and ask if they’re still aware of their surroundings. If they can’t remember even the slightest detail, it’s time to consult an expert for diagnosis.

Knowing when to let your elderly live alone or not depends on their capabilities. Whether you’re planning to take care of your loved one or call home nursing services for help, you should check these signs to determine if you should start giving them a hand.

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