Selling Your House? The Advantages of Dealing with a Real Estate Investment Company

rear view of young couple looking at their real estate investment

While it’s a dream for many people to buy their own house, some want to sell theirs. The reason may be because they are planning to buy a new one, they don’t like their neighborhood, or the property will be foreclosed soon.

You can list your property with a realtor, but only if you have time to wait. If you would like to make a quick sale of your house, it will be best to talk to companies that provide real estate investment solutions.

Real estate experts say that starting in 2017 and continuing this year, there is an upward trend for home sellers, thanks to a combination of economic factors that have made buyers in a better position to purchase houses. What this means is that nowadays, there is great opportunity to either buy or sell houses.

You may want to think things through first before deciding to sell your house. But, as mentioned above, if you need it done quickly, talking to a real estate investor may be your best choice, and these are the reasons why:

1. You’ll get a quick offer

You don’t need to have an open house in hopes of luring in the right buyer who can make an offer you can’t refuse. Having a representative from the investment company to visit and assess your house can sometimes yield an on-the-spot offer. You will then have a choice to think about it, then accept or reject the offer, or even make a counteroffer. But the important thing is you will now have a good idea of your property’s value and go from there.

2. No need to make repairs

If the reason for you selling the house is purely financial, then there will be no added burden of finding the budget to do repairs or renovation to make the property more attractive to buyers. Investors normally buy houses as is, even when they are in disrepair or bogged down by legal encumbrances such as credit issues and liens. You won’t be required to clear these things first.

3. They usually offer the highest market value

Sure, investment companies buy houses to make a profit out of them, and that’s their business model. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t expect them to play fair when assessing your house’s value. On the contrary, they are known more for setting a higher value for the property.

4. No service fee

Yes, you read it right, real estate investment companies don’t charge a commission fee for their services. The selling price you have agreed upon with them is the exact amount you will be receiving, and not a penny less.

Are you now convinced that you need to part ways with your house? Then talk to an investment company. It should be well worth your while.