Selecting the Correct Light Bar for Your Agency’s Vehicles

Mechanic ready to install the LED lighting for the car of the agency

Choosing the correct LED lighting solution for the vehicles of your agency can be an intimidating responsibility for the inexperienced. notes that there are plenty of factors to think about when choosing emergency LED light bar. This includes its shape, lumen output levels and interoperability with present LED equipment in the squad cars. It also consists of choosing which vehicular accessories may or may not work with new control boxes to control the new light bar.

Taking Shape

Dissimilar to older light bars, current modular LED models are available in varied shapes. Even though both of these offer a lot of light and color options, nonlinear shaped bars can help in visibility. This is because their pointed shape can let the lights be viewed further onward when nearing an intersection. Nevertheless, a linear or straight bar is still the most widely seen and used light bar throughout the nation.

Light Output

Any person who has been a part of the law enforcement service for over 15 years are aware of the old halogen light bars. These were ideal during that time, but it didn’t have anything that resembled the products’ functionality available in the market these days. Probably the only aspect that most miss regarding this is the extremely audible whirring sound of the old rotators above. These did warn the drivers that their lights were still on when it wasn’t necessary.

On the other hand, LED light bars wouldn’t give you any warning except when you notice vehicles parting to give you the way. LED lights have a much lower profile compared to its antecedent, but it will depend on your agency which would be a better fit.

Guarantee that you choose the proper LED light bar that will work for your vehicle. With the factors listed above, you will know which would work and which wouldn’t.