Say Goodbye to Sore Muscles with These 4 Ways

Sports such as basketball, baseball, or volleyball are enjoyable to play with friends, but if you haven’t played a sport for quite some time, you might find it hard to move normally the following morning due to sore muscles.

Such occurrence is normal, according to medical experts Family Medical Clinic Kendall. Your muscles have become stressed after activities that involve lots of physical movement. Muscle pains could bring you varying levels of discomfort, but there are ways you could relieve your body of pain.


Book a massage after a game. Medical literature had proven that you could relieve sore and tight muscles with a therapeutic massage.


Apply an ice pack for several minutes to parts of the body where you feel pain. When you no longer feel any pain, use a heat pack to normalize blood circulation. This often alleviates an acute injury as well as swelling joints and muscles.


Don’t forget to do stretching exercises before, during, and after playing a game. Stretching before a game will reduce your chance of injuring yourself from abrupt movements while stretching in-between and after the games conditions your muscles as it flexes from time to time.


Make exercise a routine. You could avoid muscle pains if you walk and do light exercises often. Then follow it up with a warm bath to promote blood circulation to your whole body.

Consider seeing your physician if muscle pains don’t go away after a day or two and you start to have a fever. Muscle pains are often serious if swelling and redness have taken place.

Playing sports with lots of physical activities could result in muscle pains. But, you could recuperate from such discomforts immediately with a few habits.