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cycling groupCycling is an enjoyable activity you can always do alone. But, there will be some occasions when you will feel like you need the company of others, especially if you’re traversing unchartered terrains. You may choose to form your own cycling group, but this isn’t a wise choice, especially if you’re an amateur cyclist.

Getting into a cycling team is a practical idea. You need to remember, however, that some teams implement processes before they admit a new member. Being part of a group will help you find experienced cyclists you can ask for mentorship. Teams are also great places to give back by assisting new cyclists. Below are some tips that will help you find and get into a team that goes on nationwide bicycle and motorcycle tours organized by the likes of

Know Your Type

Set the standards you will use when deciding which group to join. Are you competitive or are you the type who wants to take things at a leisurely pace? More importantly, be realistic. See the team members and figure out if you have the same skill set as theirs. If you want to be part of a team with experienced cyclists, make sure you’re familiar with different pro events. You may choose to join these types of events to build your credentials.

Use Your Connections

Use your network to find the right team. Browse social media sites since many interest organizations are online, and make friends with some of the members. Attend cycling events and other occasions that may be associated with the interests of other cyclists.

Show Them What You’ve Got

While the credentials of cyclists are not always tangible, you are required to show the team some things that prove your cycling chops. Show them a picture of you while you’re in a competition. You may ask to join them in their next race or expedition to prove that you can match their skills.

These are only some of the things you need to keep in mind if you want to join a cycling team. If you want to make things easier, ask for recommendations.

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