Real Estate Agent Reviews: Spotting Reality Beyond Trolls

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The presence of apps and online review sites have made it easier for people to evaluate their purchases without actually seeing the product or services at hand. But, with the rise of ads and trolls on the internet, the credibility of reviews online can sometimes be doubtful.

Buying a home and looking for a real estate agent for that matter is no exception. As a client, you need to be vigilant in looking for real estate agent reviews that you can actually trust.

Below are three points that can help you.


There are real estate and real estate review sites that are available on the Internet. Be careful of the small part that says “AD”. Those two letters should give it away. A paid advertisement will usually paint the perfect picture in hopes of luring clients to availing their services.

Therefore, always check the review site. If it is mostly ad-driven, then you know that you will get nothing but 5-star ratings and perfect reviews.


Seeing a 5-star rating for a real estate agent is pleasing to the eye. But is it practical? There is no such thing as perfect, even in ratings. So seeing a 4.8 or even a 3 in the ratings should not discourage you from checking out the services offered.

On the other hand, it should encourage you because those ratings are the closest you can get to reality.


Review sites serve as an avenue for clients to share their experiences with fellow clients. A good real estate agent should know how to handle compliments and use it to its maximum potential. He should also know how to respond to neutral and negative reviews.

You would have a glimpse of how they work and most importantly, how they deal with customers.

Be a smart review reader. Knowing which information to believe and which to classify as a scam can truly help you know the real estate agent you are eyeing.