PV Installation: What You Should Know

Man installing a solar panel

Solar power installation is the wave of the future, but you need careful planning and plenty of research to avoid mistakes that could seriously break the bank. While you can always call for professional service, solar power expert Apex Solar Solutions notes that there are benefits to having a full understanding of proper installation.

To avoid mistakes, use these tips on solar installation.

Ensure roof condition

If you do not want to double the expense, then make sure to check the condition of your roof before installation. Know that solar panels are heavy and installation is a bit pricey. You need to have your roof fixed first so that it could withstand attachments and a heavy load.

Learn how much solar your home requires

A small PV system may not be enough to power an entire household. You will end up paying extra for electricity. On the other hand, installing a larger system can provide excess solar power. Any unused power will simply go back to the grid.

A wise decision is to install a size that best fits your household’s needs.

Know your state’s laws

State laws on solar vary. Like for example, areas prone to hurricanes have stricter requirements than other states. There are also limits as to the measurement between the panels and the edge or apex of the roof. Learn these things to avoid re-installation.

Plan PV design well

Ask help from professional solar companies since you can only get the most of your solar panels when you design and position them well.

Lease vs. buy

If you have enough money, buying is the better option. Remember that solar panels can last for up to 30 years and are undoubtedly a good investment. Also, you can get as much as 30% rebate from installing solar.

When you lease though, you have to pay a certain amount until you finish the contract.

Solar panel installation is not easy. To avoid regrets, make sure that you do research first to avoid the usual mistakes both homeowners and pros make. Also, take time to find the best installer for the job.