Pulled Over: What To Do If You’re Suspected of DUI?

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dui attorneyUnluckily, if the authorities ask you to pull over and they suspect that you are driving under the influence, there is no quick answer when it comes to what you should do or what they’re going to do. But there are some things to factor in when dealing with this: the domain of arrest, the agency that enforces law in the state, and the number of drinks you’ve had.

Despite your sane answers and quick furnishing of certain legal documents like license and registration, police may suspect that you’re intoxicated. The last thing that may come to mind is hiring a first time DUI lawyer. Even if the police think that your chances of escape are slim, there are a few things to remember.

The Fifth Amendment

It pays that you read the Constitution. The first thing you need to remember is the constitution’s Fifth Amendment, which put forth the provision to refrain from answering any question that the officer asks you. This means you don’t have to divulge how many drinks you have. Be mindful to see if the questions are becoming too interrogating. Do not, however, take the provision absolutely.

The Shorter the Better

If your speech is alright or you’re actually sober, ask a few questions. Ask what happens if you don’t take field tests. Find out if you’re allowed to take independent tests. Asking questions may reveal some loopholes in the police’s arguments and execution of procedures. But you might want to keep your questions short and necessary. Otherwise, you’ll reveal the loopholes of your own argument.

Sit Back and Relax

Never get out of your car, unless the police told you to do so. Getting out of the car may not justify your intentions. It will give them the wrong idea. When they ask you to take field sobriety tests, remember which state you’re in; there are some states that don’t require these tests.

These are only some of the things you need to keep in mind when you’re called to pull over for suspicions of DUI. When you’re taken to the station for further inquiry, that is the right time to call an attorney. Do away with attorneys whose first DUI case is yours. Find someone who has a proven track record.

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