Print Ads: 3 Reasons They Still Work Today

Printing machine at work

When advertising first began to make an appearance on the Internet, many predicted this to be the end of print ads, that print advertising would slowly be on its way out to make way for a digital future. But today, print advertising is not only still around but also still as strong as it used to be. Banners, brochures and booklet printing remain relevant and continue to capture customers. Here are the major reasons print ads still work in the modern digital world:

They’re tangible

Digital advertising is made of things you can’t touch while print advertising, on the other hand, is made out of real paper printed with colour ink. Print ads have a tangibility factor to them that just isn’t there with digital ads. This makes a difference, as purchasing patterns show that customers respond better to something tangible as compared to something intangible.

They build trust

The advent of digital ads has also brought about many fake ads, intrusive pop-up ads, as well some that are virus-laden. The latter poses issues of security when it comes to private information such as credit card and bank account details. With print ads, these problems are avoided. Another reason customers trust printed ads like brochures is because it represents something tangible from the seller company, thereby making it more likely to be trustworthy.

They’re adblock-free

Adblocking software has become a must-have in the last few years owing to the intrusive nature of pop-up ads and even malware-laden ads. With a mouse click, any person can make ads disappear permanently from some websites and never worry about seeing it again. With a print ad, that can never happen. A potential customer may be so inclined to dispose a printed pamphlet into a bin, but not before they have seen it and decide on it. With online ads, you don’t get that kind of attention.

In the end, the highly predicted end of print ads did not happen. If any, it’s now more crucial than ever. Rest assured print ads would be around for a long time to come.