The Pest is Out: Components of Integrated Pest Management

Pest control

Pest controlToday’s pest control service providers, including those in Kansas City, utilize several tools for pest management. Tools like baits, traps, mulches, pest resistant plants, and other non-chemical tools and procedures used with pesticides results in an eco-friendly and long-term pest control. This approach of combining complimentary control approaches is called integrated pest management or IPM.

IPM reduces pesticide use because it calls for actions that range from biological control to habitat manipulation. It also involves modification of cultural practices. To make that happen, there are steps that pest control service providers have to consider. These include the following:

  1. Screening. This involves identifying the pests, the degree of damage, and possible control methods.
  2. Understanding the pest. What better way to control, if not eliminate, the damage-causing pest than to understand its biological components? This step assesses potential risks and favorable conditions for pests.
  3. Planning preventive measures. It requires careful examination of the site to determine what and when to apply preventive methods. Planting pest-tolerant plant species and proper plant site preparation and installation are among the natural preventive measures.
  4. Monitoring. Regularly assess pests and infestation problems. Take notes to know what to monitor, where to look for pests, and how to treat or control the damage.
  5. Decision-making. This includes assessment of information gathered from monitoring. Determine the risks and benefits of applying pest control methods. As much as possible, use treatment only when necessary.
  6. Selection of appropriate management methods. Tactics should not only kill pests, but also minimize health, environmental, and economic risks.
  7. Implementation. After determining the right methods, deploy them in a timely and precise manner.
  8. Evaluation. This step tells whether the pest control method has been effective or not. Austin pest control service provider recommends methods that remove pests and keep them away.

Many pest control service providers use tools and procedures that minimize health hazards not only to humans, but to non-target organisms as well. In Kansas City, there are several control firms developing effective biopesticides and formulated procedures for long-term and environmental-friendly results. With every pest problem being unique, choose the methods that work for you.

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