Paging Systems and Surviving the Test of Time

Friends enjoying dinner

Back in the day where smartphones are not yet a thing, people communicate with one another through telephones and pagers. But the rise of smartphones has made phone booths extinct. While pagers have relatively decreased in number as well, various industries still use it for their daily operations. They are now called paging systems

What caused paging systems to stand the test of time?

The main goal of pagers is to notify the other party of something important. This is the reason many restaurants use wireless paging systems in their operations. Other than the simple purpose of pagers, the way it operates is also one of the reasons it has survived time.

Pagers works in both short range and long range applications, and works with signals different from that of mobile phones. That means even the basement of the building or rooms separated by concrete can be reached when you have a paging system.

Over the years, various industries continue or have started using pagers once again. Here some of them:


Disks that light up when the customer’s order is ready is an investment restaurants and fast food chains are making now. This improves organization and efficiency of the business. Using wireless paging systems to allow the kitchen to communicate with the reception personnel is also possible.


Doctors are known to possess a pager. After all, their patient’s lives are at risk and miscommunication (or lack of communication) is something they cannot afford to have. Hospitals use a different type of paging system to have more organized operations inside their premises.


School registration offices often have paging systems for students and staff to make sure everything is in order and everyone is notified of the things they need to know.

Are you planning to use a wireless paging system in your business? It might be one of the most practical investments you would make. Go ahead and enjoy the benefits soon.