Outdoor Play is Important, And So is Safe Play: What Your Kids Should Know


playgroundPlay is essential for the healthy growth, learning, and development of kids. It allows them to acquire priceless life skills, values, and competencies vital for a productive and joyful adult life. Commonly, kids learn most of these crucial skills early on—in playgrounds.

The Importance of Safe Play

Outdoor play is important for kids’ physical, emotional, thinking, and social development. But, using playground equipment may have some risks that you can prevent by teaching your child some safety rules. While the majority of injuries in playgrounds is minor, such as some tears, bruises, and shallow cuts, there is also the risk of falling that can result in major injuries, including dislocations and fractures.

Often, kids get hurt from falling from monkey bars since these playground equipment are typically very high from the ground. But, they can also get injured from climbing structures, slides, trampolines, and swings. The best thing you can do to prevent injuries is to actively supervise your kids when playing.

Safe Play Rules you Must Teach Your Kids

While active supervision is the best approach to make certain that your kids are always safe in playgrounds, your kid should learn and understand the following rules to keep themselves safe:

  • Teach your kids that the playground must be shared with other kids
  • Tell your kids that they should patiently wait for their turn
  • Remind your kids that they should treat and play with other kids the same way they want to be treated
  • Restrict their play to playground equipment that is appropriate for their abilities and age
  • Remind your kids to always keep their hands on the railings
  • Teach your kids to slide downwards with their feet first always, and ensure that their hands are positioned as close to their bodies as possible
  • Remind them to stay far away from swinging handlebars and swings, as well as the bottom part of the slide

As an added measure, you can also consider actually playing with your kids instead of just watching them. This is an awesome way to bond with your kids and create beautiful memories together.

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