Marine Construction for the Erection of Structures Under Water

Underwater ConstructionFrom ship husbandry, power and gas transmission, to bridge construction, marine construction is pivotal in almost every industry. Have you taken a moment to consider what marine construction is and what is involved in the whole process? Or better yet, how is construction even possible below the water surface?

Marine construction refers to the erection of structures under water or structures visible on the earth’s surface but their foundation is in water. Marine construction requires the involvement of commercial diving professionals in the civil engineering industry, says an expert from

Underwater Construction Techniques

Underwater construction techniques are the methodologies that professionals use to come up with built structures underwater. The major underwater construction techniques are caissons and cofferdams.


A caisson is a built up water retaining structure that is permanent in nature. It is used in the repair of ships or construction of bridge pier. Its structure is in a manner such that water can be pumped out to create a dry working environment.

There are many types of caissons. Caissons allow the minimal requirement of equipment to handle the reinforcing cage during construction and the flexibility of the technique to be used in various site conditions.


Unlike caissons, cofferdams are temporary structures that are built into a water body. A cofferdam involves the interaction of water, soil, and structure to be built. Cofferdams are suitable for shallow marine construction projects. Hybrid, braced, and cellular cofferdams are examples of the mostly used cofferdams.

Cofferdams make the building of structures in ‘poor’ environments possible. Additionally, cofferdams create a safe working environment and the involved materials can be reused in other projects.

For the successful completion of your underwater construction project, you will need to hire an experienced commercial diving company with the expertise and necessary resources for the assurance of quality and up-to- standard work.