Lower-Floor Condo Units and Their Underrated Advantages

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Many “condo hunters” have their eyes set on higher-floor units for a lot of reasons — better view and less noise, among other things. But those closer to the ground aren’t so bad. Actually, they’re beneficial to certain people on many levels.

If you’re planning to buy a condo for sale in Cebu, Rockwell Leasing and Secondary Sales lists why you should strongly consider a unit on a lower floor level:

Easier Access

If you don’t like to stand in a queue for an elevator whenever you go home, it’s wise to live on a lower floor. This is especially convenient when the condominium has too many residents and experiences high traffic regularly. Using the stairs will be a welcome option for you even when you’re carrying heavy stuff.

Fewer Encumbrances

Living in a unit with no neighbors below gives you the freedom residents upstairs don’t enjoy. You won’t have to worry about making loud footsteps that can get you in trouble with anyone. Anyone who needed to be conscious about it before knows how difficult it can be.

Smaller Electric Bills

Lower-floor condo units are naturally cooler than those above. Anyone who understands the physics of heat is aware that warm air rises and is replaced by colder one. Residents closer to the ground are the biggest beneficiaries of the stack effect. You would still have to contend with the humidity of the summer, but you wouldn’t have to use an air conditioner as much. In turn, you can keep your cost for comfort to a minimum.

Lower Costs

Penthouses command the highest costs primarily because of their location. If you’re on a budget, condo units on lower floors are more affordable alternatives.

Lower condo floor levels are not without their downsides, but it’s unfair to consider them totally unattractive. Their unique benefits make them increasingly appealing to practical buyers who aching to gain a foothold in the property market.