Looking to Start Your Own Business? Top Print Business to Venture In

A printing machine

Venturing to print business can be rewarding, especially if you put your heart into it and, more importantly, if you know what you are doing. Before deciding to enter this kind of business, you need to ask yourself which type of print business is the right for you.

Here are the top printing services you might want to consider.

Screen Print

T-shirt printing is perhaps the most widely known among printing services since a lot of businesses and even community sectors often order company or org shirts for identification.

But while it is commonly connected with t-shirt printing, industry expert Signs n Stuff states that this type of screen print service is being used in different industries such as signs and displays, textiles and circuit boards to name a few.


You can commonly find photocopying machines in law offices and schools where reproducing copies of original documents is necessary. Blueprints and mimeographs are some of the common devices used for this kind of endeavour.

Digital Printing

The latest and the fastest way to print, whether original or duplicate, is digital printing. No negatives, plates or stencils needed – all you need is a digital file. Digital printing has fast evolved from small format to large format, even capturing the 3D and t-shirt printing.

With faster turnaround time and high-quality output, digital printing has become the top choice for the fast-paced environment.

Offset printing

While you can consider its latest technology part of evolving digital printing innovations, the conventional offset printing remains as the most economical option when it comes to printing on paper. And unlike digital printing, offset machines are immovable, needing adequate space to operate the entire piece of equipment.

The prepress production also takes time to complete, from creating the print layout up until transferring to a plate. From here on, you can do thousands of copies in full-colour in just one hour.

Businesses usually use this type of printing service in the production of newspapers, magazines, books, comics and brochures.

This is but a glimpse of what you can venture in if you want a printing service company. Good luck in deciding!