The Last Australian Cars


car auctionsWhat defines a collectible car? It could be a car model that moulded a generation, or a model that was a limited edition. Collectibles can also be considered as such when they’re the first or last of their kind. If that were the case, then collectors will have their calendars full in trying to acquire more new vehicles, since there’s going to be plenty of ‘lasts’ coming along.

Holden, the Australian Car

Holden is the car of Australia, and is the biggest brand manufactured in the country since 1908. The brand is used as the official car of the Australian government. Holden became a subsidiary of America’s General Motors (GM) in 1931, and the auto empire’s recent troubles have reached Australian shores.

GM announced that it will cease Holden’s manufacturing operations in Australia, and will instead ship the cars into the country. According to the official timeline, the last auto-plant will close its doors in 2017,and the Australian auto industry will die.

Last Days

The 2017 Holden models will be the last of their kind to be made on Australian soil, and that will hold some significance for many collectors. The brand pullout is a terrible blow to the Australian economy, and has angered and saddened many car enthusiasts across the country. The brand is expected to see higher sales until that fateful year as car enthusiasts compete to own the brand before it ceases to become a symbol of the country.

Car Rush

Everyone will have to wait in line, as the government will sure to be the first to lay down reservations on the last of the models. The only way many Australians will be able to get their hands on the soon-to-be collectible cars are through auctions, or bargaining with private owners. There’s more competition in the former, but the chances of getting a vehicle without breaking the bank are also better.

Most people get their vehicles from auctions anyway, and anyone who isn’t already planning to get a specific vehicle, will probably get their hands on one through the bid. A collectible doesn’t always have an easily translatable monetary value, most of the time cars become collectibles because people think they are. The more people believe that the last Australian made cars are special, the more apparent it will become.

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