Know Your Child’s Teeth: Top 4 Dental Problems Among Toddlers You Should Know

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dental servicesDental problems have a way of making themselves very noticeable. Though most are not serious, these problems need care, attention, and solutions. Toddlers need their parents to care for their gums and teeth. So, know what your child’s teeth and gums are telling you.

Nursing Bottle Syndrome

Baby bottle tooth decay is the most prevalent tooth problem in toddlers. It happens when your baby’s teeth are always in contact with a bottle of milk, juice, and other sugary drinks. Though levels of infection may vary, this is still a serious problem. If left untreated, tooth decay may cause intense pain, and cause your child to have difficulties eating and chewing.


This simply means having crooked teeth or a poor bite. Toddlers love to put things inside their mouth, whether it’s a toy, a pacifier or their thumb. When they continue this habit, it would cause growing teeth to drift out of place. A common cause of malocclusion is when your child’s teeth have too little or too much room in the jaw. If the teeth or jaw are out of line, it’s best to seek immediate help. Highlands Ranch Dental Group, a leading dental practice, says a dentist can check the mouth and teeth, take X-rays and catch any problems early.


Kids aged eight years and younger can have dental fluorosis. It may happen when permanent teeth are developing under the gums. Accidental consumption of fluoride toothpaste or too much intake of fluoride through drinking water can result in damages in tooth enamel. Most cases of fluorosis are mild, but letting your child visit a pediatric dentist is the key to prevent it from worsening.

Abscess and Facial Swelling

Facial swelling often develops after a dental abscess, injury or bite. This often happens to baby molars and incisors. Your child suffering from this dental problem may sometimes feel swelling, heat, and discomfort. In serious cases, there can be fever and throbbing pain.

Give your child a chance to have a healthy smile. Apart from knowing the most common oral problems, teach your kids the proper brushing techniques and go with them for regular dental visits.

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