Keeping Your Children from Fearing the Dentist

a child checking his teeth in a dental clinic

Once your child’s teeth start to appear, you can already bring them to a kids’ dentist. By introducing them early to a dentist, you reduce the chances of your little one developing a fear or anxiety of dentists. At the same time, you protect them as early as now from tooth decay.

Prepare Your Child

Bringing a child to a dentist is easier said than done, especially as they get older. Redwood Pediatric Dentistry suggests preparing your child and easing any fear they may have as early as possible. For instance, you can prepare them by pretending that you’re the dentist and your child is the patient.

Share Your Own Experience

Talk to your child about dental appointments, too. You can share a positive experience with one appointment you had. As you share, you can focus more on the oral health benefits your child will enjoy instead of focusing on the pain or discomfort that some procedures bring.

Comfort Your Child

Bring your child to a kids’ dentist without undergoing any procedure. Your child can then see that there is nothing to be afraid of. Once your child does undergo a procedure during the second visit, you can have them hold their favorite toy. Alternately, you can use books, coloring sheets, videos, or mobile apps — anything to keep your child calm.

Trust the Dentist

If you’ve had the same pediatric dentist in the neighborhood, you can trust that they’ll be able to handle your child. These professionals know children, and they definitely know what to do in case they throw a tantrum. Of course, they will do their best to keep your child from ever reaching that point.

With the measures above, you can ensure that your child will have a positive experience at the dentist. You will save yourself and your child from trouble down the road if fear or anxiety took over.