Keep ‘Em Clean: Maintenance Practices for Restrooms

Personnel cleaning a sink

Commercial restrooms are part of your office and deserve much care as your office. The condition of the restroom can either send positive or negative messages to your clients about your business.

But, do you know what the effort that goes into creating an appealing restroom part from out-of-the-box ideas — perhaps installing changing room lockers or even refurbishing the entire room?

Focus on the Floors

Germs find their way into your restroom from shoes. The floor should be free of any buildup of mould or dirt, and that will need the use of a disinfectant when cleaning the floors. The floor tiles should be slip-resistant to minimize the chances of falls in the restrooms.

Regular Cleaning

The restroom receives a lot of traffic from your employees, clients, and guests. The general upkeep of the room can seem tiring and an endless process. Mastering the proper cleaning methods and maintenance practices will make it easy to maintain this essential room.


The restroom contains different accessories such as the sink, vanities, and stalls. All these surfaces collect dirt in varying measures and require thorough scrubbing to dislodge the dirt and stains. After scrubbing, ensure that the surfaces are dry so that they say clean for long.

Keeping the Air Fresh

The first thing that anyone entering the restroom will notice is the fragrance in the room. Restrooms are familiar for a certain odour, but you can make your restroom unique. Air fresheners will give the restrooms a fragrance that will enable the visitors to use the restrooms comfortably.

Getting Rid of Mould

The high humidity levels in the restrooms make the place habitable place for mould growth. Not only is mould unsightly, but it poses serious health risks. The common place to find the mould is on the partitions and corners.

Refurbishing your restroom and changing the room lockers will create a fresh look in your restrooms. Nevertheless, maintaining the refurbished restroom with utmost care will guarantee you a hygienic restroom.