Incorporating Live Streaming in Your Business’s Marketing Mix

Woman watching a live stream

When coming up with a marketing strategy for your business, it’s never a good idea to focus on one advertising medium only. For optimum results, a combination of both traditional and modern mediums always works better.  In particular, you may want to include live streaming in your marketing mix. Over the years, live streaming has cemented its position as a formidable marketing tool and here is why:

Helps Build Trust

According to a 2017 marketing survey, consumers confessed that they found most brands and companies today less truthful than two decades ago. Most consumers are often cynical of advertising and brands.

Usually, customers love to buy from brands they trust and here is where live videos will help.  With live videos, you have a chance to showcase the company’s processes. It increases transparency and shows accountability, winning you more customers.

Offers Immediate Gratification

Guess what users don’t want when they interact with your content?

They don’t want to endure loneliness reading a post written months ago. Live streaming gives users an opportunity to engage with your content instantly. There is immediate interaction so users can participate in the running commentary on what they’re seeing and hearing.

As you stream, it’s important to engage your followers in real time.  According to Facebook, viewers comment more in live videos than in regular ones.

Efficient Company Meetings and Announcements

Live streaming makes for an efficient, cost-effective medium to reach your customers globally. You can live-stream breaking news or a new product launch.  Live streaming is a nearly free way to drive tons of revenue to your venture, thanks to its growing popularity and broad user base. When live streaming to launch a brand, you need to do it right. Some experts in internet marketing in Singapore can help along the way.

Humanises Your Company

One of the biggest ways to put users at ease with your company is to let them see what’s behind the curtains.  To do this, create a “Meet the Team” video that introduces your employees.

To give the video a relaxed feel, take the video in an environment away from the office, where employees feel more at ease. Introducing your team to your consumers demystifies the mystery that shrouds most companies; the result is high trust for your brand.

A New York Magazine and Livestream research revealed that 80% of audiences would rather watch a live video than read a blog post. If you’re not live streaming yet, you’re missing out on potential customers.