In the Know: What Sovereign Coins are Worth Investing Today?

Sovereign CoinsSovereign coins are worthy investments for several reasons. First off, gold sovereigns are a piece of history since each coin is made for a ruling monarch. Since they are made of a precious metal, you can be sure that their value is not something that will depreciate over time. In fact, they may increase in value after a few years.

Atkinsons Bullion and other dealers list some of the coins that prove how buying gold sovereigns for your personal collection can be a good investment:

  • George III 1819 – With only 3,574 of them minted, this particular sovereign fetched roughly $288,000 in the market. This might seem a lot, but unlike the typical minting number of a sovereign, the George III 1819 is limited in number.
  • 1937 Edward VIII – As these coins were only in the market until recently, it is not surprising that the Edward VIII Sovereign fetched a price of almost $897,000. This is currently the most expensive British sovereign known today.
  • Queen Elizabeth II Portrait Collection – This includes all portraits of the Queen that appeared on the U.K. flagship gold coin during her reign. A good example is the 2015 Gold Sovereign, which was the last to feature the portrait of Her Majesty.

What About Minting Errors?

You might be surprised to know that minting errors can increase the value of a coin rather than drag it down. Some minted coins have errors with their engravings, making them highly valuable to collectors. A good example is the 1880 Sydney mint. There are some coins with the word ‘Victoria’ that used an upside down A instead of V. Mints like these could fetch millions in the market.

Bottom line: gold sovereigns are undoubtedly among the ideal investments today. As they are a part of history (and made of gold), you can be sure that their value will not depreciate over the years.