If You Want to Burn More Calories, Build More Muscles

A couple working out together

Fact: obesity kills. It is one of the leading risk factors for the most preventable diseases in the world. These include hypertension, cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, and some types of cancer.

It is also a known fact losing weight should be easy these days. Exercise videos are now available on YouTube for free, and portable equipment means you can convert a small space into a mini gym. Eating healthy is convenient as well. Think Weight Watchers, for example.

When it comes to weight loss, however, the main goal is to get rid of the fat. While it is still a smart idea, it is actually better to build muscle mass instead. The reason? Muscles burn more calories than fat.

How Much Can You Burn?

For many people, their slow metabolism causes them to gain weight. Weight gain, or loss, is actually a very complex process. Many factors do come into play. Experts, however, believe that while there is a connection between metabolism and weight gain, the former may not be the culprit.

Rather, it is how much calories you have. Simply put, if you are taking more calories than you actually burn, you are more likely going to gain weight. One of the best strategies, therefore, is to increase your calorie output.

To do that, you need to exercise. Most, though, perform cardio routines only, which may not be the most efficient weight loss technique for the reason muscles burn more calories. About 10 pounds of muscles can consume as much as 50 calories. The same amount of fat can burn only 20 calories.

How to Build Muscles

To build muscles is to perform weight and resistance training. As a start, experts recommend doing both two times a week with periods of rests in between for recovery. However, it may also be essential to increase the production of testosterone, a vital male hormone that promotes muscle growth.

It also increases vitality, energy, and alertness.

Like other hormones, testosterone levels can fluctuate. In some cases, the body does not produce enough. Supplementing with tribulus terrestris tablets from Quantum Nutraceuticals may be helpful. Also known as the devil’s claw, tribulus terrestris is a natural herb used in Ayurveda.