How to Prepare for an Oral Surgery

dentist and patient smiling

Do you have an appointment to have an impacted tooth removed? Perhaps you’re waiting to get implants or undergo a surgery to correct a jaw problem. Regardless of the reason for your scheduled visit, there are ways to prepare for the procedure.

Here are things to do in advance to get ready for an oral surgery in Salt Lake City.

Learn about the Procedure

You’ll be more relaxed if you’re informed. Scheduling time with the oral surgeon or dentist to talk about the upcoming dental procedure helps put the patient’s mind at ease. Make sure you’re aware of the purpose and possible outcome of the procedure. Ask questions that will help you understand the critical aspects of the surgery.

Follow Your Surgeon’s Instructions

Your dentist will tell you what to do and what to avoid days or hours before the surgery. For instance, you may need to take certain medications for a particular period prior to the procedure. You may also be advised to fast for certain hours before your surgery. The nurses at the clinic will also appreciate if you wear short sleeves.

Have Someone to Pick You Up

If you’ll be going back home soon after the procedure, make plans for a ride. Since anesthesia impairs judgment, it won’t be safe to drive a car a few hours after sedation. Arrange in advance with a family member or friend to drive you home. Taking a cab or using public transportation can also be an option.

Arrive Early

You don’t want to rush on the day of the surgery. Arrive about half an hour early. You’ll then have ample time to complete any unfinished paperwork. In addition, you’ll have time to clear your mind before you undergo the procedure.

All dental procedures are easier if the patient is ready. Be informed about your upcoming oral surgery; talk to your dentist about the preparation you need to make.