How Private Investigators Use Technology to Make a Case

Private investigator at work

Most people do not know about private investigators or their ability to help law enforcement agents with on-going cases or any cold case. Here are some ways in which they make a difference,especially with the use of technology and the Internet.

The need for personal and communal security as well as being able to find actionable information where such security has been breached is fast shaping the field of private investigation today. Today, forensics has taken centre stage in many investigations, as it is used to look into areas others may have overlooked. Whether in New Zealand, Australia or the Americas, the experience and skill of these private investigators such as Julia Hartley help in breaking many cases. How do private investigators make a difference?

Social Media

These channels have become one of the most effective means of mining information about people. Information which people first refused to share with others is freely given online to peers. Online surveillance is fast replacing physical trailing and contacting individuals discreetly for information is even easier. Private investigators use specialised tools for mining information in this area.

Phone Tracking

Mobile phone tracking activities can reveal a lot of activities. In dire circumstances, private investigators can track a person’s phone, trace their GPS coordinates as well as copies of text messages and emails sent from the phone. Of course, the phone company and a court order may be needed in some circumstances.

GPS Tracking

As distinct from tracking a person’s phone, GPS devices are now found in many gadgets and can determine an individual or vehicle’s present location. This technology also enables users to determine details such as fuel levels, speed, and even the direction where the automobile is headed. In some countries such as the US, the use of GPS tracking by private investigators is considered a legal gray area, as they are not law enforcement officials.

For anyone practising as a professional private investigator, these technologies are all helpful in cracking a case and helping law enforcement officials in making sense out of any case.