How Businesses Should Help Fight Climate Change

It doesn’t take an expert to see the effects of climate change. Just compare the temperatures you experience today to the average temperatures a decade ago. There is a significant jump, and your lifestyle may be contributing to the carbon emissions that are causing the planet to grow warmer.

Today, corporate buildings need to be more than just stylish; they also need to be environment-conscious. Here are some elements of design that help you address climate change:

Passive Ventilation

Often, home builders consider passive heating as a design element when building energy efficient homes. The placement of windows, for instance, have a significant effect on the heating requirements of a home. There is also a focus on using natural lighting instead of artificial lighting.

Passive ventilation is not just about the walls and windows, however. Commercial roofing companies also consider the climate and heating needs of the building when installing a specific kind of roof. This eliminates the need to set the heating and cooling system into a very high or very low temperature.

Flood Control

Along with warmer temperatures, there are also more severe and catastrophic typhoons and hurricanes causing damage from Houston to California. Flood control projects are in the works, and buildings should also be prepared with a flood warning system. An example is green roofing, which absorbs flood water and hopes to bring it back into the atmosphere through natural processes. This requires the careful selection of plants that can thrive in Houston’s natural climate but will not drown with too much water on wet days.

Where a household can direct flood water to drainages using an effective gutter system, a commercial building can also use its extensive network of pipes to direct the flow of rainwater to a storage tank, for use in specific tasks.

Energy consumption and wastage seems to be a regular occurrence in commercial establishments, which makes them a prime contributor to climate change. Now is the time to raise awareness.