Hospices: What They Can Offer Veterans and Their Families

Many soldiers and veterans deserve a great retirement, but often health issues that are common to those who serve in the military plague them during their retirement years. The illnesses could range from depression, alcoholism, PTSD, and even serious brain trauma.

Veterans and their families need to find health facilities that could help them ease their loved ones’ pain and give them comfort. Sometimes, the only answer is hospice care services for these heroic veterans. Hospice of the Calumet Area presents the qualities you should look for in hospice facilities.

1. Accreditation

In Indiana, many of the establishments that offer nursing care services for veterans are fully committed to the highest standards possible. One should choose an establishment that state and federal authorities check regularly and have found to be in full compliance with the government’s requirements.

2. Medical Personnel

The medical staff and the caregivers of the establishment should have the proper training and certification. They should have emergency care specialists, palliative care specialists, and psychologists in the facility.

The ratio of attendants to patients should also not be burdensome. The facility should have the appropriate number of personnel around the clock so they could handle any patient emergencies.

3. Amenities

You should strive to find an establishment in Indiana that provides both indoor and outdoor recreational activities for their charges. Check the rooms, baths, and lavatory if they are appropriate for your loved one’s needs. You should also see if they have wheelchair ramps, handrails and other equipment that can improve their patients’ mobility.

4. Proximity to Home

You should consider an establishment that is close enough to home that you can visit often. Accessibility is essential in cases of emergencies, so a facility close to your home makes it easier for families to reach their loved one in case something happens.

Most hospice establishments also offer support groups for grief management, especially for the families of those who served in the country’s military. For such special people, a hospice that offers such services is the kindest way you can make a loved one’s last few years peaceful and joyful.