Here’s How You Choose an Assisted Living Facility For Your Loved ones

An elderly man being cared for

As much as you’d like to keep your mom or dad at home, the situation isn’t always ideal. The next best thing, therefore, is to choose the best assisted living facility, such as Legacy Village of Provo. These establishments can help keep them comfortable and attend to their needs during their older years.

Medical Facilities

Perhaps the most important concern is the medical facilities of the place and how they apply to your needs. For example, do they have access to neurology services or doctors who are experts in Alzheimer’s, arthritis, and other problems common to elders? Knowing that an assisted living facility has an in-house medical staff or at the very least, on-call physicians should assure you.

Senior Mobility Preparedness

How well-equipped is the place for senior living? Are there enough railings, rugs, or anything that can be hazardous to a senior? Also, take note of the facilities they have to maintain a senior’s physical and mental health. For example, do they encourage mental stimulation and low-intensity exercise?

Kitchen and Medicine

Take a look at their kitchen and see whether they’re capable of serving menus that fit your loved one’s dietary requirements. Also, find out how they acquire and distribute medications to patients.

The Residents

Take the time to talk to the people who are actually residing in the area. If possible, also talk to their relatives. The best time to do this would be if you visit during an event, thereby giving you the chance to observe the general workings of the retirement home.

Accreditations and Legality

Also, consider whether the retirement home has accreditations or other certificates beyond licensing regulations. Talk to the manager about their protocol in the event of problems or emergency situations.

Of course, these are just some concerns to keep in mind. Make sure to ask for your loved ones’ input on how they like the place and consider that.