Growing Your Business: Ways to Get the Most of RFID Technology


TruckYou might think that it’s your first time to hear about radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, but chances are you you’ve already encountered it in the past. Think about the keycard you tap against a reader to enter your office building – that right there is an example of the technology.

RFID uses radio waves to transfer information from an electronic label or tag attached to an object, helping you identify and track items easily. The Department of Defense is one the first organizations to implement RFID solutions. Companies supplying to the DoD label their products with proper RFID tags and submit invoices via Wide Area Workflow (WAWF).

RFID speeds up information exchange between labels and readers, making data transmission automatic. The technology, however, isn’t simple to implement. There are several things you need to do toget the most of RFID in your business.

Understand the Technology

It’s important to have clear knowledge of the technology if you want to grow your business through RFID. Understand how it works, including its configurations and frequencies. If you plan to supply to the DoD, know the policies and solutions that the organization requires, such as the use of WAWF and linear and two-dimensional barcodes.

Identify the business issue to address

RFID solutions can help overcome environmental, quality control, and other limitations that restrict alternative identification methods, but you should only use it when it to solve a problem or meet specific needs. Review your operations to determine how the solution can improve your business.

Determine the information required

Take a look at your company’s processes. Can they be improved if more information is available or if current data is available more quickly? The remote reading capability, memory, and durability of RFID technology can help you access information in environments where other technologies can’t perform.

Know the needed performance characteristics

Setting communications goals and determining the data content needed and collection points will help you determine the performance your RFID system must provide. Application requirements drive decisions on choosing the right frequency, encoding method, tag types, reading equipment, and supporting software.

Take your business to the next level. Adopt an RFID solution and watch your company grow and expand.

About the author

Alesha Turman

started as a management trainee at a local bank in Astoria, Oregon, from which she rose from the ranks and attained a mid-level management post. She now serves as the operations director of a leading online company.