Great Winter Activity Ideas for the Mother-and-Daughter Tandem

Winter Activity Ideas

Winter Activity Ideas in VailBeing a busy mom, you are usually having a hard time juggling your family life and career. However, when money and time permit it, do share the winter fun with your daughter. Here are a few snow activities you both can enjoy together.

Skiing – For the sporty mother and daughter, skiing should not be missed. But before you hit the snow, treat your daughter to shop at a nearby ski supply shop to get geared up. Once dressed and ready to go, get some training sessions together, then enjoy a little friendly competition as you slide down the hill, according to American Ski Exchange.

Snowboarding– You don’t need to know how to ski to be able to snowboard. All you need is the proper equipment, the right gear, the needed winter outfits and a bit of starter training. Have fun during your lessons and feel free to laugh at each other’s spills and mistakes.

Ice Skating – Many mothers introduce their daughters to ice-skating early because of their own interest in the sport or with just the hope that their child would like to be a figure skater someday. For this vacation, however, the main purpose is to bond and have fun while teaching each other how to skate. If you are both new at skating, ask an instructor to teach you both the basics.

Resort Holiday – There’s nothing more enjoyable than gliding on the snow and enjoying a winter sport. If you find the slope too crowded, however, feel free to just walk around with your kid, take a ride on the tram or just stay in your room and enjoy the amenities and facilities.

Having a wonderful time with your daughter is supposed to be a yearlong affair. However, if winter time is the only time you are allowed a short break, make the most of it with her. It will make her treasure the year ahead even more.

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